Sowing a potato revolution in the Andes

(Atlas of the Future) Few chefs have the vision and skill to sow 223 varieties of native potatoes on their Andean restaurant’s high-altitude farmland, replicating the efforts of a neighbouring Inca agricultural research centre with a contemporary model in order to improve tuber genetics while collaborating with two indigenous communities. But Virgilio Martínez is doing […]

Meet the Peruvian farmer who turns potatoes into ‘wine’

(Fine Dining Lovers) Born to potato farmers in Peru’s Cusco region, Manuel Choqque Bravo’s playground was the fertile Andean land where his family cultivated tubers at 3,740 metres above sea level. He’d while away days in the field, terrorising his younger siblings with strange-looking potatoes such as pumaqmaquin (Quechua for puma’s paw) or snacking on potato leaves and […]

Coronavirus. Cómo lo enfrentan los chefs argentinos en el mundo

(La Nación/Lugares) Postergaciones, reconversiones y delivery son las recetas aplicadas por los cocineros argentinos en el exterior. El caso de Sunae Asian Cantina en Filipinas, La Cabrera, Fayer en Madrid y Zoilo en Londres. Como chef ejecutiva de Canta Lola, un restaurante de fusión peruana y nórdica en Estocolmo, a punto de abrir en julio, Manuela Carbone está a […]