“Being Fulani is my journey”

(Topia) While Fulani chef Fatmata Binta was awarded the Basque Culinary World Prize for exploring West African cuisine’s diaspora through her innovative ‘Dine on a Mat’ experience and setting up the Fulani Kitchen Foundation for women and girls, two questions struck me: who are the Fulani and what does being Fulani mean? 

Today’s digital nomads might choose to adopt a pastoral lifestyle, scampering after tax breaks and Airbnb deals, but being on the move is a way of life for the Fulani, also known as the Fula and Fulɓe people. The world’s largest pastoral nomadic tribe, this West African people is restless and brimming with energy, always in motion, packing and unpacking their limited possessions, seeking out highlands to graze their livestock and raise large families in a sustainable and minimalist fashion.

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