50 Hours in Buenos Aires

(The World’s 50 Best blog) As Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants gets ready to head to Buenos Aires City, local expert Sorrel Moseley-Williams shows us around and gets to grips with the city’s essential eats. From coffee to cocktails, steak to shrimp and plant-based lunches, we have your long weekend all covered off.

Buenos Aires. Ph: via World’s 50 Best.

When contemplating eating out in Buenos Aires, your mind is forgiven for wandering to hulking cuts of prime steak and large glasses of juicy red wine. And if you’re of vegetarian or vegan disposition, the very thought of visiting Argentina’s capital will probably have you taking flight in the opposite direction. While there’s still no shortage of the former, times are changing: BA’s restaurant diversity has come on in leaps and bounds in the past three years and covers off every palate, personality and price point.

Plant-led menus, southeast Asian curries, all-day brunches, grass-fed beef, street food, ceviche made with local river fish, classic cafeterias that have survived countless economic crises, migrant-inspired cocktail lists, organic food markets, natural wine lists and tasting menus that hunt down ingredients from every corner of the world’s eighth-largest country mark the tip of the gastronomic iceberg. Argentine chefs and restaurateurs have come to terms with the country and its wealth of ingredients, its diverse cultural heritage that traverses Patagonia to Jujuy, and are finally shrugging off the need for northern-hemisphere approval. Plus, an influx of Colombian, Peruvian and Venezuelan cooks ushers in a new generation of flavours and dishes.

In a country that’s currently living through the midst of an economic crisis – where inflation is a close to a whopping 50% – chefs have no choice but to be creative. That means shorter seasonal menus, fewer yet more experienced staff, less emphasis on fancy tableware and more on ingredients. Let us guide you on the perfect long weekend.

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