Buenos Aires: a city tasting tour with Germán Martitegui

(Fine Dining Lovers) This year, Buenos Aires is basking in the glory as Ibero-American Academy’s gastronomy culture city. And with good reason. While porteños (BA’s residents) almost never tire of socialising with steak, new culinary arrivals have helped set the scene alight: you can easily enjoy Peruvian ceviche, southeast Asian curries, Korean barbecue and contemporary Israeli meze, supported by to-be-expected Italian, Spanish and Armenian eateries (and, of course, steakhouses).

Throw in big-time food fairs such as Masticar and Raíz, an abundance of food trucks and a World’s 50 Best Restaurants establishment in Tegui, it’s fair to say that Buenos Aires is going through a foodie renaissance that extends beyond beef.

In between travelling to – and cooking in – every Argentine province for Proyecto Tierras and co-hosting dinners with the likes of Boragó’s Rodolfo Guzmán, chef Germán Martitegui of Tegui (number 49 on World’s 50 Best Restaurants list), shares some of his favourite spots so you can eat like a local in his city.


Bidou is a classic place that takes you straight back to the 1960s. The décor is wood, the waiters are career waiters, the glassware and dinnerware have been the same from day one; a similar place would be La biela in Recoleta. Bidou has a big old coffee machine, staff squeeze your orange juice then and there, and they serve classic Argentine medialunas (like croissants) that are yellow and shiny. A total classic – as is Florida Garden. For more contemporary spots for coffee, I like going to LAB or Yeite.”

Diagonal Norte 850, San Nicolás

Florida Garden 
Florida 899, San Nicolás

LAB Tostadores de café 
Humboldt 1542, Palermo Hollywood

Humboldt 293, Villa Crespo

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