Volunteering in Buenos Aires

Way back when, in 1998 to be more precise, I came to Argentina to volunteer for Aldeas Infantiles SOS for a year. And while I haven’t run a marathon for charity or anything like it since, the intervening years have seen me do my tiny bit for another local project called Todos Juntos.

It was this Anglo-Argentine foundation that British soul singer Joss Stone teamed up with in March to hand out 100 rucksacks filled with school kit to kids living in a Buenos Aires slum in March – a big moment that helped Todos Juntos raise its profile. As the only journalist accompanying the singer and the charity on this excursion, I got to witness Joss’s genuine interest and caring attitude first hand. Which got me thinking: which charities should travellers and visitors who are learning Spanish volunteer for? The following organisations are all great options if you’re looking to donate your time while in Buenos Aires.

Fundación Sí
If your Spanish teacher just cancelled a class, invest those few hours in something more productive than the subjunctive tense. Fundación Sí’s open-door policy means you can drop by its Palermo Hollywood HQ any time if you’re willing to be put to work sorting clothes or books, cooking, sewing or whatever needs undertaking that day. These past few weeks have seen volunteers making face masks for residents in Bariloche affected by the volcanic eruption in Chile and its ashes, for example.

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