A quick and glorious run-through of the second BA Underground Market, highlighting all my friends. As that is what everyone else is doing…

There is nothing quite like a Bloody Mary to pep up a busy afternoon selling muffins, and Liza Puglia AKA the NOLA Chef was certainly mixing up some spicy meatballs in liquid tomato format, Cajun style.

Standing behind our demi-table, I was pleased to see me old Herald mucker and Argentina Indepdent star columnist Adrián Bono getting tipsy on some Boudicca red beer. In hot pursuit was Herald newbie James, who insisted he wouldn´t buy any cake from us as that would mean more leftovers for him at work on Sunday. Cheeky monkey.

It was also fabulous to catch up with ex Herald mucker, the fragrant Panza Porteña. Accompanied by husband José, Paige Nichols tried her first KelinCake choccie muffin – and I have the photographic evidence for the blackmail files to prove just how much she loved it…

And despite assuring me the night before over a Napolitana pizza on my fabulous new terrace that she would be there early, Allie Lazar wandered by, bang splat in rush hour, for a few snaps with boyfriend and cat whisperer Oscar.

Before five hours of tasting and selling began, I did have time to nip over and say hi to Matt and Justina from Back in BA hostel, who were whipping up pork rolls complete with Matt’s handmade pickle. And good on The Brand Bean‘s Hilary Strong for helping them out.

In terms of new friends, it was lovely meeting the goat’s cheese men, if only to ensure I now have a fabulous supply of spicy, crumbly cheddar FOREVER. I heart Las Cabrillas.

And thank you to new friend Vivi for taking a photo of Mr KelinCakes and myself, making him look happy, and me, tanned.

And then there was “The Second Story Lady” helping out her fudge friend, which is how a fan excitedly recognised and described Kate Sedgwick, while she was happy chatting to Kirsty Ross, one of the Graffiti Mundo tour guides.

A huge thank you to bride-to-be KT who queued up at the Thom Vietnamese stand to get me, well, anything she could get her hands on for my luncheon. Nice dips.

Other faces on the scene included Chef Mun, purveyor of spicy pork buns, San Telmo Art Tour guide Rick Powell and Time Out Wine Tour’s Menaka Iyer. Busy rushing around telling off the smokers (and rightly so, says this ex-puffer) was AI editor and BAUM organiser Kristie Robinson, immaculate as always.

Of course, the BAUM experience wouldn´t be complete without some vocal gymnastics from Melanie Isabel, sporting the cutest pixie hairdo in this forsaken city.

And what was I doing there? Doing my bit selling KelinCakes banana and choc-chip muffins and slices of apple and walnut cake in my role as marketing guru and Muffin Miercoles creator…

Buenos Aires Underground Market
IMPA factory
Querandíes 4290, Almagro

Photo by Pick Up the Fork, of course

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