Soderbergh directs singani to a win

(Drinks International) Steven Soderbergh has dipped into the oceans of spirits and secured his favourite Bolivian drink its own classification. It’s been eight years in the making but singani has finally received its own spirits designation in the US – and Oscar-winning film director Steven Soderbergh couldn’t be more ecstatic. Previously tucked away in the […]

Peru reaches new heights with spirits

(Drinks International) The South American country has been making waves with its cuisine in recent years. and now drinks producers are getting in on the act, says Sorrel Moseley-Williams. Without a doubt, Peru has been South America’s leading gastronomic force for the past 15 years. A slew of establishments and their culinary leaders dominate global […]

La primera vez de: Inés de los Santos

(Marie Claire Argentina) Bartender, consultora, mamá, autora de libros y conductora de tevé, la lista de elogios que se aplican a Inés de los Santos es amplia. Una referente por su dedicación e innovación en la coctelería argentina, Inés trabajó en los más renombrados bares y restaurantes de Buenos Aires. En 2021, en plena pandemia, […]

Discover Ecuador’s socially driven cocktail menu that’s officially the best in the world

(World’s 50 Best Bars blog) The team behind Juliana in Guayaquil has succeeded in putting Ecuador on the cocktail map. With the launch cocktail list from its January 2022 opening, it swooped in to pick up the second-ever Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu Award at The World’s 50 Best Bars 2022 for Diverso (Diversity), a thoughtful and socially driven menu that […]

Meet the Women Shaking Up the World’s 50 Best Bars

(Fine Dining Lovers) Behind the stick mixing and shaking, creating brilliant beverage brands and concepts, or working backstage managing logistics, an array of talented women made their mark in this year’s World’s 50 Best Bars list. Here, 50 Best academy chair for South America, Sorrel Moseley-Williams shines a light on some of the global cocktail scene’s top female players, whose accomplishments […]

Catching up with cachaça

Thousands of microdistilleries are helping to change the face of Brazil’s national spirit, creating aged and wood-blended expressions that are pulling in new fans. If life gives you limes, make Caipirinhas. The sweet yet zingy cocktail muddled with the green citrus fruit, white cachaça and sugar fuels Brazilians and, given that they consume 99% of […]

20 Innovators Changing the Way We Eat: Mark Emil Hermansen

(Condé Nast Traveler) What do you get if you take two senior Noma alumni chasing “the goosebump moment” and put them in a formerly derelict Copenhagen shipyard? The answer is Empirical, which sits somewhere between drinks brand and scientific experiment into double fermentation and low-temperature vacuum distillation. Hermansen and his business partner Lars Williams describe it as a […]