Where to find the best steak in Buenos Aires

(National Geographic UK) Vast, flat pampas fan out to the north, west and south of Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires. These are the pastures on which world-class Hereford, Brangus and Aberdeen Angus cattle have long been raised. Argentina is one of the world’s steak hotspots, with grass-fed beef and all its trimmings taking centre stage at dining tables and backyard barbecues around the country; indeed, each Argentine devoured an average of 116.6lbs of meat in 2023. 

Buenos Aires (the province as well as the city) is the epicentre of this carnivorous culture. A love for open-fire cooking and a tradition of outdoor dining means preparing an asado (barbecue) at home is a perennially popular weekend pursuit, while there are hundreds of parrillas (steak houses) to work your way through. These range from humble, family-run joints to five-star hotel restaurants grilling up the full Monty of choripán sausage sandwiches, sweetbreads, short ribs, entraña (skirt steak), ribeye and flank. Just remember to order a juicy bottle of Argentinian Malbec to pair with your bovine banquet.

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