Serious monkey business – how a Buenos Aires bar developed the best service in the world

(50 Best blog) As part of the build-up to The World’s 50 Best Bars 2023 awards ceremony in Singapore on 17th October, the first accolade goes to Buenos Aires’ Tres Monos, which is recognised with the prestigious Michter’s Art of Hospitality Award. Sorrel Moseley-Williams speaks to the team about how they converted monkeying around into a benchmark for outstanding service

With discreet pink neon lights in the shape of three simians above the front door, the black-painted, two-storey corner building at the intersection of the Thames and Guatemala streets in the Palermo Soho district of Buenos Aires doesn’t give much away. It’s little wonder, given that the mantra at Tres Monos – its name meaning ‘three monkeys’ in Spanish – is based upon the Japanese proverb of ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’. These wise yet loaded words have been attracting guests since the bar’s opening in June 2019.

At the same time, three has become a special number for the bar. The venue is the brainchild of young but expert bartenders Charly Aguinsky and Sebastián Atienza, who were soon joined by third partner Gustavo Vocke. Plus, Tres Monos is built around three key initiatives. “The bar is the most recognisable one, but there are also educational and consultancy pillars,” says Aguinsky. “And it’s long been said that, when you work behind a bar, you have to be like those three wise monkeys. That concept of service – and above all, sensitivity toward clients – is core to Tres Monos.”

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