Córdoba in Argentina: a wine tour guide to this exciting region

(Decanter) Córdoba often plays third fiddle to Argentina’s glamorous capital Buenos Aires and the country’s key wine city Mendoza, but this picturesque province is a surprisingly diverse destination.

A rich 16th-century history, tracts of rolling countryside and hospitable Fernandito-sipping cordobeses have long ensured its reputation as a favourite with domestic travellers. Fernandito is the local favourite mixed drink of Fernet-Branca amaro with cola.

And now Córdoba is making its mark as a wine destination. While the 1573-founded eponymous provincial capital is a fascinating cultural introduction, with its UNESCO-heritage Jesuit Block and buoyant nightlife, Córdoba’s winemaking regions make for an exciting road trip.

Sierras and mountains paint a dramatic landscape, replete with rivers, cattle ranches, and opportunities for outdoor adventures such as parasailing, horse riding and hiking.

Like Mendoza, Córdoba province is elevated – about 350m-550m above sea level, compared to Mendoza at 750m and up.

But, at about 470km to the northeast of Mendoza, Córdoba is under a less intense Andean gaze.

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