Happiness is Felicitas

When Felicitas Pizarro’s stuffed steak, green salad and chimichurri won Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Search For A Star competition two years ago, it was more than a turning point for the young Argentine – it was life changing.

Jamie and Feli.
Jamie and Feli.

The 30-year-old cook and sommelier – instantly recognisable for her beaming smile and sunny disposition – is now a household name in Argentina thanks to her YouTube food channel, and beyond. Winning the contest has seen her travel to the UK to cook at Festival, become a Food Tuber for Jamie, and Felicitas’ dream of opening her own multi space is closer than ever.

Before Food Tube
“When I was little, I’d help my grandma to cook, and she turned it into a game. We’d make croutons, for example, although she’d call it fried bread. One of the first things we cooked together was an omelette, and I thought it would be made from ham and cheese. She was very outlandish, so of course it wasn’t; it was made from asparagus. She gave me my first oysters when I was five and helped open my mind to flavours.”

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