Think outside the glass

Given its big, bouncy personality, Malbec naturally throws a party for itself every year – and why shouldn’t it?

Stompeando some grapes.
Stompeando some grapes.

Every 17th April – the date a bill aiming to found an agriculture school was sent to Mendoza’s legislature back in 1853 – we celebrate Argentina’s most popular adopted grape with Malbec World Day. But what if Argento Malbec is sold out (heaven forbid!), or you’re pregnant, or under doctor’s orders to give booze the red light? Here are some alternative ways to celebrate Malbec without the alcohol.

Chefs galore enjoy cooking with wine, and Malbec proves its versatility when it comes to all manner of dishes as well as desserts. If you’re in Buenos Aires, it’s worth checking out some of the following restaurants. Sardinian chef Daniele Penna at La Locanda in Barrio Norte whips up Fegatini alla Nuorese, liver sautéd with onion and Malbec. Chizza’s Franco Malacisa in Los Cardales makes a mean Malbec-braised osso bucco served with veggies and buttered risotto. Puerto Madero steak house king La Cabaña takes lamb fillet to new heights with a caramel sweet potato purée with mint perfume and a Malbec salsa. Ignacio Ortiz de Rosas at Río Café also plays with lamb, braising it in the sacred red and serving it with crunchy semolina, roasted onion and spinach.

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