Neighbourhood Guide: Alternative Barrios of Buenos Aires

While Palermo, Recoleta and San Telmo feature on many Buenos Aires bucket lists, these are just three barrios out of 48 in Argentina’s sprawling capital.

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Adventurous visitors looking for pastures new to eat, drink and traverse should explore Chacarita, Colegiales and Barracas, edgier districts offering alternative doses of history and culture.

Meaning ‘little farm’, Chacarita is home to the Chacarita cemetery, an often-overlooked gateway to the next life that’s just as architecturally stunning as Recoleta – and a lot more peaceful. Surnames might not be as instantly recognisable as they are in its swankier counterpart, but rest assured that Argentina’s artistic great and good – such as tango pianist Osvaldo Pugliese and artist Benito Quinquela Martín – have been laid to rest in stunning mausoleums.

Chacarita is also home to the Simik photographic museum, a quirky bar notable that falls under a city government protection order for its historical value and admirable collection of photographic memorabilia.

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