The sexiest wine cellars in Buenos Aires

While foodies come over all emotional trying to decide which Instagram filter to use on a tasting menu, we oenophiles get decidedly hot and bothered over wine cellars – and not just their contents.

Sommelier Martín Bruno flies through Tegui's cellar.
Sommelier Martín Bruno flies through Tegui’s cellar.
Wooden wine racks have given way to temperature-controlled fridges, which in turn have been eclipsed by bespoke storage facilities that rightly take centre stage in fine dining establishments. Let’s take a look at some of Buenos Aires’ sexiest wine cellars.

Argentina’s number-one restaurant Tegui was constructed six years ago with two poles in mind – the open-plan kitchen and the cave – and the attention-seeking ground-floor wine cellar designed by chef-owner Germán Martitegui and architect Horacio Gallo puts the fun into functional.

Germán explains: “The concept is a work of art, which is why it’s placed behind glass in a picture frame made from tucupi root. But the cellar is also like a ballet production: the ladder hooks onto a ceiling runway so Martín looks like a ballerina!”

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