Art spaces with altitude

Argentina, 2013While contemporary art exhibitions are usually associated with urban galleries and Champagne receptions, that’s not exactly the case on northwest Argentina’s arts scene. The high-altitude provinces of Salta and Jujuy are known for their pre-Inca history and viticulture, but each is also home to dynamic arts spaces in remote and mountainous locations, which can enhance the artistic journey.

Contemporary Photography In Jujuy

As long as the River Huichaira isn’t flooding, visitors can access Jujuy’s Museo en los Cerros via a winding stony route better suited to a horse or llama. Several miles from Tilcara, a small yet central hub in the UNESCO-protected Quebrada de Humahuaca canon close to Bolivia (found at 2,465 metres above sea level), this rural ‘museum in the hills’ is home to intimate yet fascinating contemporary photography exhibitions curated by owner and photographer Lucio Boschi.

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