Visit the Argentina of Evita and Juan Perón

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 17.12.47Argentina’s ‘It’ couple from his presidential election in 1946 until her death in 1952, Juan Domingo Perón (not usually known as JD) and María Eva Duarte (always known as Evita) shook up the country’s politics via the Partido Justicialista (PJ) party they founded, scandalised and angered the upper class, wriggled their way into the hearts of millions living below the poverty line with populist policies and added a thorough dose of socialist glamour as they led Argentina.

National heroes and champions of workers’ rights on one hand, scourge of the wealthy who often referred to Mrs. Perón as “the whore” behind closed doors on the other, they have undoubtedly left their mark on history. And although Evita once said, “My biggest fear in life is to be forgotten”, there’s little chance of that happening in Buenos Aires. In this guide to the Peróns, you can appreciate them in every way imaginable. Let’s crack on and start off with the Marcha Peronista:

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