The Financialist: Latin America’s Hippest Peninsula

DSC_0002While the northern hemisphere shivers its way through winter in bulky coats, the gloves are off south of the equator, where summer is in full swing. Although Brazil’s hip, tropical vibe is a popular destination for vacationers in desperate need of balmy weather, its tiny neighbor, Uruguay, is the choice for those craving authenticity with a touch of glamour. The beachfront skyline in Punta del Este, the country’s most fashionable peninsula, may call Miami to mind, but it’s nothing of the sort. Instead, the area’s quaint oceanfront towns evoke a combination of the bohemian vibe of Venice, Calif., with the artisanal sensibilities of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet, laid-back getaway or want to indulge in a little revelry, The Financialist has some insider tips on the best places to sleep, eat and spend your days in Punta del Este, which more than earns its nickname, the Pearl of the Atlantic.

Casa Zinc
Location: El Tesoro, La Barra

La Barra, just 8 miles east of Punta del Este, is home to trendy Bikini Beach and attracts a crowd of models and celebrities. The town has a hot nightlife scene, and sophisticated visitors should consider a stay at design guru Aaron Hojman’s wonderfully eclectic Casa Zinc.

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Ph: La Huella

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