My top 5 Feria Masticar tips

Buenos Aires’ most exciting food fair is happening right now. Hobnob with top telly chefs, fall into the Wine Tunnel, stuff yourself silly with deliciousness then squeeze in another dish plus a dessert or three. This is Feria Masticar.

#1 Celebrity chef grub
Try Boca de Lobo‘s falafel and quinoa concoction. Created by the fantastic Narda Lepes, more often seen on the side of sauce bottles, this is awesome and fresh and really tasty. 40 pesos.

The Nomade food truck.
The Nomade food truck.
#2 Top chef grub
Pop by the Gajo (Gastronomía Joven Argentina) stand for the slow-cooked lamb. It is falling off the bone and super succulent. Plus, the Gajo chefs, many of whom are Latin America 50 Best winners, are rockin’ and rollin’ as they cook. 45 pesos.

#3 The people’s grub
Go greedy, and totally snap up the two pork buns x 25 pesos option from Hong Kong Style. Crunchy pickles, tasty porky goodness, super-soft steamed bun. Heaven! (And I challenge you not to go back for more, more, more.) 1 x 15 pesos, 2 x 25 pesos.

#4 What to buy grub
Check out the Porto stand for Portobello mushrooms picked on the day. I love any kind of ‘shroom, and while these aren’t a complete bargain, they are big and beautiful, and I really want to fry them up for an English Breakfast. Common as muck? You bet. 20 pesos a packet.

#5 Booze for the people (no grub)
The Wine Tunnel. There’ll be no fumbling in this well-lit booze zone so simply sip until you drop. Run by my wine school, CAVE, (the one I study at, not the one I own) you know you’re in excellent hands, mwah hah hah. Free. Yip, I said FREE. So prepare to line up.

#6 Bonus tip (grub)
Drop by the food trucks at the back! The wonderfully stenciled Nomade is doing cutesy mushroom-on-bread deals for 10 pesos, while the award-winning Paraje Arevalo’s slow-cooked egg is dreamy. If only these vehicles were out polluting the world on a more regular basis. Sigh.

#7 One more thing.
Time it so you escape the hoards queuing around the block at opening time, to arrive about 20 minutes later. And swap your valuable pesos* at the voucher stands at the back – faster, and there’s fewer people.

Feria Masticar, El Dorrego, Zapiola 50.
Until Sunday 6 October. Tickets 40 pesos on the door.

*Ironic statement.

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