The Cow Sequence at Tarquino, Buenos Aires

Chef Dante Liporace.
Chef Dante Liporace.
Any adventurous eater worth their Maldon sea salt certainly wouldn’t think twice about attempting to chow down a whole cow, and the decision is a no-brainer when we’re talking beef from Argentina.

Even though domestic beef consumption in the South American country famed for its tender steaks has dropped from 77 kilos per capita in 1990 to 57 kilos last year, according to Ciccra, Argentina’s beef chamber of industry, thousands of steakhouses do a brisk business chargrilling thick cuts around the country’s capital. The custom of a weekend barbecue gathering friends and family around the parrilla (grill) remains as popular as ever.

But in a new twist on Argentina’s most sacred ungulate, executive chef Dante Liporace at Tarquino restaurant in the capital has lovingly created what he calls “La Sequencia de la Vaca” (the Cow Sequence). The head-to-toe tasting menu uses all parts of the cow — prepared in a bold and innovative way that’s far different from the hearty, meat-and-potato approach that defines traditional Argentine cuisine.

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