Spotlight On Javier Gover, Editor of Wicked Magazine

Javier Gover.
Javier Gover.
The editor of WICKED, Buenos Aires’ greatest reference point with regard to underground culture, regularly wears more than one hat in his day-to-day life and often sports a PC screen as his alter ego Dr. Zeitgeist. Introducing Javier Gover.

“I’m Argentine, a lawyer and a journalist who studied at UBA and UCA universities respectively. I’ve worked in the social sector for DAIA and non-profit Help Argentina, helping with my country’s development. After that, I edited urban culture magazine WICKED Mag, and organized a series of vanguard art parties called Trashmission. I also have a new law practice called @LOS VAMOS A HACER MIERDA@ which solves problems between bosses and their employees. As well as all that, I also deejay at bars and parties, and work in journalism, production, communication, and tourism.”

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