São Paulo’s stylish eats

Although chefs normally get the glory for creating elaborate tasting menus and fabulously unexpected food combinations, all paired with a sommelier’s finest vintage suggestions, the aesthetics of a new restaurant are often just as important in ensuring its longevity and success.

Brazilian interior architect Osvaldo Tenório knows all about how to make guests feel at home, numbering luxury eco-resort Kenoa Beach in Barra de São Miguel among his many impressive projects. Most recently, he designed hot new São Paulo restaurant beato (meaning ‘house’ in Portuguese), where vibrant, playful design brings out the edgy flavours in the food.

We talked with Tenório about how he brings it all together.


Osvaldo Tenório: The owners, Bruno Ventre, Leonardo Ventre and Stefano Martins, invited me to do beato because they knew about my other projects, and they wanted me to give some of my perspectives to the restaurant, especially my ability to transform the atmosphere into something more human.

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Ph: Tadeu Brunelli

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