The pine tree forest of Cariló

When porteños need to escape the city smog, they head to Cariló, Argentina’s ‘green sand dune’ (its meaning in the Mapuche language). Breezy and easy to get to, Cariló is a top Argentina travel destination and the country’s most exclusive summer resort, a green lung which is a small slice of paradise: a pine forest next to the beach.

A stone’s throw (360km) south of Buenos Aires, a tenacious young land owner, Héctor Manuel Guerrero, made it his mission in 1917 to improve on 1,700 hectares of ever-shifting dunes which encompassed his inherited Dos Montes ranch. Thirty years later, he had accomplished that challenge: after using the estancia as a giant nursery, Guerrero had created a fledgling forest with more than 700,000 plants and trees.

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