BAF Week SS 2012

Although I’ll miss the first three days of Buenos Aires Fashion Week, I already had a sneak preview as I interviewed Brazilian model Cris Jurach yesterday for The Expat.

It’s an odd world, fashion. It’s all so very superficial. I know we base the people we love on a physical attraction (among other things), but take that to a professional level. Imagine only getting work based on your looks, your weight, your height, your skin condition.

Insecurities over reaching perfection must be completely out of control, and from what Cris said, jealousy is beyond common while wearing the right clothes and accessories is also key to acceptance. No wonder so many reach out for drugs, looking for some type of escapism.

Not Cris, however. The 23-year-old, who has worked for Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang, has a very strong belief in God. Although she was Catholic, she became Protestant four years ago and that belief defines her life.

That interview will be out in the Herald on Sunday. In the meantime, for a bargainous AR$30, you can head to La Rural for a spot of SS 2012 catwalkage from Argentina’s finest designers including men and women’s ready-to-wear Kostüme, Hermanos Estebecorena, Vicki Otero, Garza Lobos and Amores Trash Couture.

I’ll be there Friday afternoon for the Semillero UBA students’ show – always innovative and eye-catching – and if I leave La Rural feeling like I had saw a snippet of summer, so much the better.

Photo: Me photographing Mariano Fuchila photographing Cris Jurach.

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