Strike four

Hopeful. Adjective: feeling or inspiring optimism about a future event: [with clause]:
he remained hopeful that something could be worked out – Oxford Dictionary.

It’s Thursday, it’s a grubby grey morning in Buenos Aires, I slept fitfully but not comfortably and I need to gather some hope.

At 3.30pm, Buenos Aires Herald owner AmFin will meet UTPBA press union at the Labour Ministry alongside Herald editorial employees in the hope that management will place a decent offer on the table.

I won’t be able to attend that meeting as my working hours are 3pm-9pm so I’ll be at the office, awaiting a text from Caro from the sports desk. I’ll be hoping for good news.

Day 3.
On the third consecutive strike day, intimidation reared its ugly head once again when Caro from Mesas was told she wouldn’t be allowed to take her two-week holiday, which begins on Friday. She is going to Bolivia. Allegedly she hadn’t received confirmation from human resources (but no one ever does, so how are they going to claim that?) although her direct boss and her desk have known for three months.

Afternoon tea consisted of boiling mate followed by tepid mate and purple Frutigran (chocolate ones).

Thanks to the Argentine Post for today’s story.

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