My reflection

Not of how beautiful I am and what a fabulous haircut I have. Although George McFly does have the sharpest scissors in San Telmo… No, no, an easy-to-digest list of what I did in 2010 and hope to repeat, repeat in 2011. And then exactly what I hope to never do. Ever. Again.

Yes please
1. Flying to Cairo business class for work. Definitely. And I would totally go inside the pyramid again, despite my claustrophobia anxieties, if only to not wheeze around a sarcophagus.

2. Getting 20 minutes of actor Ricardo Darín’s attention. He even spoon fed me ice cream. (See picture…)

3. White-water rafting near Bariloche. Awesome, wholesome fun with hot instructors.

4. Eat a lamb’s bollock. In the name of meaty research, I found it to be fairly moist, tender and rather tasty.

5. Following Piers Morgan and Alan Sugar on Twitter. British banter at its best.

6. Buying a paddling pool. Morning swims rock. Come winter it’ll be moved into the quincho and turned into a jacuzzi.

7. More Glee in my world. I rarely watch telly but if there is a gap, I’ll try to stop it with evil cheerleaders and complex Jewish singing girls.

8. I finally got to eat at Chan Chan, a well-priced Peruvian restaurant specialising in ceviche. Plus, my mate Sharyn took me for a belated birthday dinner at Pozo Santo, a high-end place which serves up a bloody great, Bloody Mary ceviche. Fill me up, baby.

9. It’s been a good year for extra work – this is my Thanksgiving moment (even though it’s not my holiday) to say I love writing about film, music, fashion, polo, travel and food, and being in Argentina means I can share that.

10. Discovering Sandro too late. As well as The Baseballs. Working for the economy desk has taken its toll…

11. Wining on. I like wine. It likes me. More of the, red, white, “pink” and fizzy grape juice, although perhaps at tastings I should learn to throw it away as opposed to guzzling it back. (Although it’s such a waste).

No thanks
1. Steering clear of suave, oil-tanker rich, elderly men. They only want one thing. And I don’t have it.

2. Working on obscure compendiums about Nigeria. Nothing wrong with extra work, I agree, but after working on that, among things, I ended up with a trapped nerve and a migraine cluster, and am still having physiotherapy for that nerve…

3. Kissing a taxi driver with leopard print hair. (WTF was I thinking? Ah, yes. I wasn’t. And apparently I couldn’t see either.)

4. Lending a bike courier 10 pesos plus two pesos’ interest only to dump him and never be paid back. Actually, come to think of it, that was in 2009.

5. Oh God. I definitely don’t want to lose a condom again.

6. Small men. I know I’m no towering Nordic giantess, but there’s no going back there. Thanks to my flatmate for reminding me about that incident…

7. Epic hangovers. The worst came after a wine tasting at 0800 Vino where we all went for dinner at a Ukranian place in Abasto and felt the need to knock back bottles of Smirnoff. Yes, after knocking back bloody decent bottles of wine. Sharyn will agree, that was a mighty bad headache…

My reflection: When learning Spanish, the masculine el and feminine la can be confusing. One way around this is to remember that all problems are male (el problema). Ja. I rest my case. And will endeavour to learn from 2010. Here’s wishing you a happy-healthy, peaceful-prosperous 2011 to you! (And also to me…)

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