Wining on

Hugo got his money's worth.
I am qualified to write about wine because:

1. I like it. Often and in large quantities.

2. Argentina has lots of cheap yet excellent wine, in large quantities.

2a. I live in Argentina…

3. I prefer a red over a white though almost-frozen rosé is my idea of perfection in summer.

3a. I dig a juicy Malbec, though a decanted Rutini Malbec 2006 is like a freshly bathed and shaven man – sexy.

4. I don’t break wine glasses.

5. Living in Argentina means there is always a possibility to give a new brand, label, variety or blend a go.

6. The next hot blend, according to a hot sommelier yesterday, is Malbec-Bonarda. You heard it here first.

7. And yesterday, I went down to Palermo, paper bag hidden in my rucksack, for a street wine-tasting event with Hugo (photo).

With 12 wineries to squeeze in and armed with a glass fit for a giant and a map fit for a leprechaun, we started doing the rounds between Honduras, Malabia and Gurruchaga streets in PoSo (Palermo Soho, keep up), nipping into boutiques and ultra-cool furniture stores for a tasting, then, obviously a top-up.

Needless to say, tiddly wasn’t the way the night ended, and I learned relatively little apart from the aforementioned “next hot blend, according to the hot sommelier yesterday, is Malbec-Bonarda”. Which is interesting, as this year the next big thing was meant to be Torrontés, which is a white.

The Urban Wine Tour was definitely urban and definitely involved wine although it was a free for all in terms of where you went drinking first. Thank God. Do get in touch with Sol for the November date – and you too could have a great big new wine glass to take home.

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