BA live blog: Street style in a cow shed

Fresh, beady eyes are what is required to keep up with the kids’ ever-changing style in my book, and Kirsty, as the newest BA live guest, is simply perfection personified. Back in Buenos Aires after a few months’ break in Sydney, her gung-ho attitude towards any challenge set – from hunting down saucy literature in tattoo parlours to sorting the fashion wheat from the chaff at the annual livestock show – is admirable.

Kirsty doesn’t claim to be the coolest kid in town, though she has a pretty cool boyfriend who goes by the artistic, rather fashion, name of George McFly – in fact he cut my hair chez lui last Thursday. She does, however, claim to have the smallest head in the world, a fact she purported when talking about the extreme lack of headwear in BA a few weeks ago. We reached the conclusion on air that those wandering the streets without hats when the Antarctic chills are doing their best to chap lips and freeze over lobes, are foolish.

We don’t often have the chance to go on BA live missions together – I’m working 12-hour days at the moment – but we did escape to La Rural agricultural show to check out cows (her) and cowboys (me). The former were sexier than expected, all gingery fur, branded bottoms and mascared-lashes. And the gauchos were better than hoped for: I was a panting wreck after a few hours wandering Palermo’s largest events venue. George MF called Kirsty while we were tasting the dulce de leche- and maté-flavoured booze. He told us to look out for the horses as a colleague had been shushing their manes…

Sorrel Moseley-Williams
(Buenos Aires Herald, Time Out)

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