Paul Woolford on BA live

Paul Woolford
This Thursday, 15 October, Paul Woolford will be playing a set for BA live on Urbana 89.5FM from 9pm. We’re as pleased as Punch to have a mix fom him – just call it a warm-up for a crazy good night at Pacha Buenos Aires this Saturday. That’s right, Paul Woolford, on my radio show, we’ve got him and we want everyone to know.

It’s been a busy old European summer for tech house DJ Paul Woolford and he shows no signs of letting up. Releasing various tracks including Pandemonium/Prune Juice and Timebomb/Coitus, Paul also had his residency at Ibiza’s Space club, and according to head honcho Mark Broadbent: “Paul brings an energy like no other DJ currently working the scene.” He plays Pacha next Saturday, October 17 and this is his Top 10 for the Herald.

1. First track I bought: Wham! / Fantastic I was eight…

2. First place I played: My auntie’s infamous family New Year’s Eve party when I was about 15…

3. Best gig I’ve played: Either my Saturday evening set at the Benicassim festival in Spain this year or my 2007 set at Serbia’s Exit Festival. Too hard to choose!

4. Best gig I’ve been to: A gig The Orb in Leeds in about 1994 or 1995. They had a warm-up DJ called Lewis but he ended up playing techno and it was the first time I heard Basic Channel through a huge sound system. Life changing!

5. Favourite national artist & album: Currently it’s Massive Attack / Mezzanine but it changes regularly.

6. Favourite international artist & album: Steve Reich / Music For 18 Musicians.

7. Your number one DJ: I don’t have one, but the people I am most interested in at the moment are Mathias Kaden, Raresh and Ricardo Villalobos.

8. Place to escape to for the weekend: Aix-en-Provence.

9. Never leave home without: Blackberry and a spare SIM card.

10. Ritual before a set: Think about what kind of system is in the room, the location of the speakers, the location of the people, how many people are there, is the equipment set-up correctly, open a bottle of water… and begin!

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